Trying to Learn Python

So I read a beginners e-book and a book called Python Coding on the BBC micro:bit which lead me to start a course on Future Learn called Object-Oriented Programming in Python. The course is mainly aimed at programmers who are familiar with functional languages, however I have no experience of them so I think I’m starting this a few paces (that’s being optimistic) behind everyone else.

Anyway, here is my latest piece of code:

It doesn’t do anything other than put some shapes on screen, I choose to use the colours of the Python Logo – not sure why, but it seemed appropriate. By the end of the online course I should have created a mini-game in Python – I’ll post an update on that in a few weeks time.

I only started learning Python because I got given a Rasperry Pi – which has spent more time in it’s box than out. I really need to find a use for it.

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