Crafty Business Autumn Fair Poster

I created this poster for Crafty Business Sheffield ( They are having a Craft Fair at the Victoria Hall Methodist Church.

Initial Sketches

With not much to go on – no images to be included just a list of information that needed to be on the poster. Because this is a craft fair it feels right that it has a handmade feel. Also, I wanted to include “Autumn” in the poster too. I sketched out a few ideas, two examples below:

Initial Sketches
Initial Sketches
Leaf Sketch
Leaf Sketch

Vector Illustration

I used my sketches to create vector illustrations in Adobe Illustrator. The majority of the illustrations are based on hand-drawn sketches with some details added later, the text (apart from the bottom section) is hand-drawn.

Client Feedback

First Version of Craft Fair Poster
First Version

Crafty Business wanted their brand to stand out more and felt that the text should be bigger. But they liked the unusual leaf motif and did not want to see that changed.

Final Design

After receiving feedback from Crafty Business I created the final design. Their name is in a bold banner to add emphasis to their brand.

Crafty Business Sheffield Autumn Fair Poster
Crafty Business Sheffield Autumn Fair Poster

The colour scheme utilises autumn colours therefore creating a striking, eye catching poster.

Software Used: Illustrator and InDesign

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