Mansel School

Mansel School’s old logo looked like a piece of Word ClipArt (if such a thing stills exists – I don’t use ClipArt so if anyone out there is a knows the answer please feel free to comment. The text on the logo itself (Serif typeface) and accompanying text do not fit together. It feels like they were not designed to appear together.

I decided to create a new logo which represented the school in a much better light. I was aiming for something modern, bold, fun yet not unprofessional.

I also created a new slogan for the school: Play. Learn. Grow. It represents learning through having fun and helping children become ready for their next steps.

After trying out a few ideas I felt the fingerprint design above was the most promising and developed it further.

Mansel School's Old Logo

Mansel School’s Old Logo

I also created a letterhead and new website.

Mansel School Letterhead

Mansel School Letterhead

Software Used: Illustrator, InDesign.